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the mds group was funded by some of the textile fellow in march 1981.in the first beginning, 0.1 million us dollars was collected as capital and established the shin-yji industrial co. ltd. for fabric international trading business, and the foundation of this group is setup. focusing on the global tendency of internationalization in textile industry and long-term development of business management, mds group has decided to extend the manufacturing base to areas outside taiwan. after a long-term evaluation by mds board, we have concluded by establishing another affiliation enterprise of "zhejiang shin-yji textile industry co., ltd." in haining economic zone of zhejiang province, p.r. of china in november 2001.we use the original "shin-yji" name in order to revitalize her in our mds group. zhejiang shin-yji has registered to be a sole proprietor which incorporated with mds international development incorporated and itochu corporation for the state-of-the-art technique in knitting, dyeing and finishing, along with international marketing network to enhance zhejiang shin-yji into an integral corporate that encompasses both the width and depth in manufacturing and marketing. in august 2003, mds group has executed another business consolidation by merging men-chuen fibre industry co. ltd. and den-lee dyeing and finishing industrial co. ltd., and to form the new "men-chuen fibre industry co. ltd." to transform the whole production system to be one vertical business in textile supply chain. men-chuen combined her previous successful trading experience and the superb dyeing & finishing expertise of den-lee, as well as the most professional r&d team with plenty experiences in product design/innovation and high technologies in knitting and dyeing/finishing. the impeccable image of excellent quality has earned her extensive favorable recognition. men-chuen therefore has successfully worked her way onto the global stage, creating a worldwide customers over the continents.

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