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Gamat Jelly


Emphasizes the Nature Power of RejuvenationAre you easily getting tired?
Is your hair getting thinner?
Is your skin getting thinner and dry?
Is your menstruation becoming more irregular?
Do you find difficulty loosing weight?
Is your body aching and joint hurt whenever you run or work?
Is your energy down, recovery time from colds and flu became extended?
Do you feel that you dont have that good feeling and endurance you once had?
Are your blood pressure or sugar level showed tendency to increase? If you have one or most of the above symptoms, it simply means that your body is undergoing the inevitable process of aging.
After 7 years of research, Heawell Pharmaceuticals, in collaboration with researchers at University of Kyoto & Nihon University Tokyo, Japan. Have successfully isolated the active ingredients, gamapeptide complex (FKY2102) and patented through FDA.Gamat (Sea Cucumber) all natural formula that works wonders in reversing your aging cells in your body. Gamat (Sea Cucumber) has been clinically proven to increase your bodys immune system, increase your blood circulation, promote vitality, skin appearance and the general well being. This unique and complete formula helps maximize body ability to rejuvenate (replacing and getting rid of old and toxic cells in your body and reproductive system) . It contains GAMODULIN, a polypeptide molecule that plays a vital role in rejuvenating body cells and promote healing and vitality. An amazing ideal supplement fortified with precise amount of chorella, Omega-3, beta-carotene, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, amino acids and energizing nutrients that effectively fight aging and cancer, relieve stress, boost immune system, increase your heart and lung performance and combat fatigue. YOUR TOTAL FAMILY HEALTH SOLUTION !!!!Dose/Direction:1-2 tablespoon (5-10ml), twice a day. For children below 1 year, 1 teaspoon, twice a day.
Advantages:Formulated for health maintenance, effectively heal injuries on internal organ & wound, reduce skin irritation, relieve joint pain, improve blood circulation, prevent lethargy & alleviate pain. PRICE: USD$14 per unit - 250ml
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(Malaysia Company Registered No: 565880-A)
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Tel: (+6012) 264 0166 (24 Hours)
Fax: (+603) 4295 1844
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