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Sell Insulation Coating


Sell Insulation Coating


Detailed Product Description Lag Coat LC 30 - 6 is water based protective coating for thermal insulation application. It provides a highly durable, tough and abrasion resistance. It has excellent adhesion to various insulation materials such as canvas and fibre glass. It is non toxic, non flammable, tough durable, solar reflective and washable.

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Nata Limited (U.K)

Mr. Mumraiz Awan


P. O. Box 1474 Lodge Lane

Description:Nata Limited (U. K) are manufacturing different types of adhesives, coatings, sealants and hot melt adhesives. We specialise in adhesive for PVC & CPVC Pipe & Fitting, coating and adhesives for air conditioning ducts, silicone and water based sealant, hot melt adhesives for different applications. Most of our products are manufactured according to British Standards and approved by consultant and contractors. Contact Us

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